Parents Association

Welcome to the Holy Trinity Parents Association


My name is Jenny Leach and I’m the current chairperson of the Parents Association, mum to Harry (2nd Class) and Bella (starting in September 2019). I got involved in the Parents Association as a way to meet other parents and support the school. More than anything, I enjoy the work I do with a great group of parents.

The aim of the Parents Association is to support the parents and the school. How we do this varies each year, based on requests from parents and on the needs of the school. Each year in conjunction with the school we will support parents through education, for example we have run courses on the Stay Safe Programme to support parents and on internet safety in the last couple of years.

In addition we run fundraising events each year. The largest of these being the Christmas Fair which raised over €15k in December 2018. We run book week each year, where 60% of the sales proceeds translates to new books for our school. We support school tours by paying for the buses each year. This has opened up new opportunities for the teachers to choose new tours. Fundraising is used to support the school throughout the year, for visitors to the classroom and a variety of other supports for the school.

The Parents Association has recently taken on the task of operating the library on a weekly basis. We staff the library from 8.50 to 12.30 Tuesday and Wednesday. If you would like to get involved please do get in touch. We run two slots each day that need to be staffed. 8.50 - 10.30 and 10.45 - 12.30.

All this is simply not possible without the wonderful support of the parents. Thank you all so much for your continued support. Feel free to get involved in any parents association event by simple emailing us on

Best wishes,

Jenny Leach.

The following are a number of useful websites:- - Shop on Scholastic all year round and support the school. 25% of all purchases over €10 translates to free books for the school. Remember to register the school at checkout. - all information on the Stay Safe Programme that is used in the school can be found here. - the National Parents Council (NPC) is there to support all parents. Holy Trinity is a registered school with the NPC and therefore free to all parents to use. They have a help line which can be used for any school related issues at all. I highly recommend them.