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Aistear Programme


Aistear is a playbased methodology which is used in the infant classroom as a key teaching tool. Aistear focuses primarily on the child. It promotes independence and self-assessment therefore enabling natural differentiation to occur. Our aim with Aistear in the classroom is to allow the curriculum objectives to be fulfilled through play, encouraging a stimulating and motivating environment where children’s learning thrives.

It is recognised that children of a young age learn best through active and hands on materials; discovery and self-exploration are central to this method. It is beneficial to the children, to establish social norms through experience and interacting with their peers and adults.

Facilitating learning through play is a key component of the infant day. It promotes the acquisition of skills and assists in developing an understanding of curriculum objectives. Furthermore, it encourages children to use and develop problem solving and social skills. As a result the emphasis is placed on the holistic development of the child.

Aistear time is cross curricular and resources to encourage pre writing are incorporated throughout. Aistear promotes the development of oral language, imaginative play and writing, development of motor skills, development of mathematical concepts, the aims of the SPHE curriculum, visual arts and many concepts which are outlined in the SESE Curricula.

Our curricular long term plans enable many opportunities to achieve objectives outlined in our short term plans are integrated not only through the subjects but also through using methodology of “Playtime”. Children in the infant classes are confident, expressive and enjoy schooling as a result.

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