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We aim to develop literacy through an integrated teaching approach, involving oral, reading and writing skills.

ORAL: We recognise the importance of developing good oral language ability, as this is crucial for general literacy development.

We aim to help children become confident and fluent readers, who can derive meaning and information from texts and develop a lifelong love of reading. Guided Reading sessions are carried out in all classes from Snr. Inf. – 6th, where children, having been assessed, read at their ‘instructional’ level. Supplementary books for home reading are at children’s ‘independent’ level. Children are also encouraged to read online, at home and at school on and teachers / parents can track progress on reading and comprehension.

Comprehension: Comprehension strategies are developed through explicit teaching and children are encouraged to use these strategies during Guided Reading sessions. 

WRITING: Children’s writing is developed in a variety of genres at each class level. There is a strong emphasis on oral preparation for writing and children adopt a process approach from drafting to proofreading, editing and ‘publishing’ to their target audience. Free writing is practiced regularly in all classes. 

STUDY / SPELLING: From 2nd to 6th class, the school adopts a differentiated approach to spelling. Following assessment, children are assigned to one of seven leveled groups, so that each child can progress at his/her own level. 

Children are taught cursive handwriting from Junior Infants. There is a strong emphasis in all classes on neat presentation of written work, with attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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