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Social Personal and Health Education

The Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum is taught through a range of programmes in Holy Trinity from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. These include: The Stay Safe Programme, Relationships and Sexuality and the Walk Tall programme. The Stay Safe programme is a compulsory aspect of the SPHE curriculum and covers topics based on Feeling Safe/Unsafe, Bullying, Touches, Secrets and Telling and Strangers.

As well as this, Second to Sixth class participate fully in the Weaving Well-Being programme. It is a positive mental health programme which aims to enhance well-being in children aged from 8-12 years. The programme consists of 10 lessons for each class level and is underpinned by the concept that a state of well-being is not simply the absence of the negative, but the presence of the positive. This programme coincides well with our annual Well-Being Week which focuses on positive well-being and mindfulness for all pupils.

SPHE provides a range of opportunities to foster the personal development and well-being of all pupils in Holy Trinity and help him/her create and maintain supportive relationships, as well as become an active and responsible citizen in society.

Sonas Room

In 2015 we installed a state of the art Multi-Sensory Room. We call this room our Sonas Room. Sonas means well-being in Irish. This room is available to all pupils in our school. The room is equipped with a bubble tube, fibre optic lights, projector, sound system and cushioned seating. The children can use this room simply to relax or to engage in sensory programmes. It is also a beneficial resource for pupils with additional needs.

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