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Preparing your child for school

Help prepare your child for learning Positive Attitude It is important to create a positive attitude towards learning in the child. If children have this positive attitude then they will try to become involved in the learning process.

Curiosity The natural inquisitiveness of the child should be encouraged. This is central to the learning process. Children will be encouraged to ask more questions when they are responded to in a positive manner of encouragement.

Self Confidence If children are confident about their abilities and capabilities then they will be more willing to take on new challenges.

Listening Children should be encouraged to develop good listening skills. Instruction and directions are given continually at school so a child needs to be a good listener if s/he is to participate fully in school life.

Interacting with Others Children need to learn how to be sociable, how to share and take turns. Children also need to learn respect for others and to be aware of the feelings of others.

Independence In order to take part fully in school life a child needs to have developed a good level of independence

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