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Raz Kids

Thanks to the financial support of our Parents’ Association, Holy Trinity has subscribed to an online library of hundreds of books -

Raz-kids provides eBooks at 29 different levels of difficulty; these levels are correlated with the assessed reading level of pupils for Guided Reading sessions in class. Pupils are generally assigned an online level which is one band below the ‘instructional’ level used in class; this ensures they are reading at an ‘independent’ level and thereby experience success, without undue challenge.

Pupils can access Raz-kids at school and also by logging on at home. The site is an interactive learning portal, designed to keep them motivated and engaged. With each eBook, they are encouraged to –
- Listen to
- Read
- Complete the Quiz

Teachers can access pupil records, in order to monitor individual reading progress. Parents who wish to review their child’s progress may register for parental access to the site, by contacting their child’s teacher. Please ensure your child uses this opportunity to improve their reading and comprehension skills and talk with them about the fiction and non-fiction eBooks they are discovering online.

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